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The Problem

Those fighting to preserve affordable housing have to make difficult decisions about where to spend resources. While different groups generally agree on the list of factors to consider in preservation efforts, groups vary in how they prioritize these factors. Having access to common data lets us have a shared starting point for a more productive conversation. Data, moreover, provides context to decisions, helps prioritize limited funds and energy, and ensures affordable housing efforts are proactive rather than reactive.

Our Solution

Housing Insights builds on the great work of the Preservation Catalog to bring context to the fingertips of the affordable housing community. Housing Insights assembles essential information on all subsidized affordable housing in DC and connects it to relevant outside data such as public transit, property tax assessments and neighborhood characteristics to make it easy to consider all the relevant factors when prioritizing and coordinating work.

Decision makers and advocates for affordable housing use Housing Insights to:

  • Identify projects that are at-risk or difficult to replace
  • Understand trends in neighborhood demographics
  • Access complete information on individual projects needed for action and intervention

Whether you are involved in the efforts to preserve affordable housing in DC or simply are an interested member of the public, we welcome you do Housing Insights and invite you to explore the tool!

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Affordable Housing Professionals

Are you someone who works in DC Government, at a non-profit, or with affordable housing developments?

We want to continue to improve this tool and need your input! Contact the project staff if you're interested in providing feedback on what would make this tool most useful to you.

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Coders and Developers

Are you a coder, developer, or data enthusiast?

Beginner or professional, do you want to give back to the community and help us continue to refine this tool? Code for DC volunteers are doing the work to make this tool awesome. The tool uses a dynamic Javascript front-end, crunches our data with Python, and we can use your help no matter what your background or experience.

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Our Volunteers

Housing Insights was developed by this awesome group of volunteers.