First Design Session Follow Up

Neal | December 08, 2016

Hey Housing Insights team @ Code for DC!

Great event last night! We made good progress working to connect our understanding of our user needs to some design principles we can rely on when making the tough decisions between the tradeoffs in what to put in the prototype tool and how to present it. Thanks for everyone’s input, and thanks to Danilo and Leah for coming to share their perspectives! Welcome to the 8 new people that joined us as well :)

We didn’t get to the sketching portion of our agenda, so it would be great if you can take some time before our continuation next week to take a stab at it. Pick a scenario, and use pen and paper to sketch some design ideas and upload a picture to Github. Next session, we’ll look at key elements of these designs and come up with ideas of how users might interact with the tool. 

Homework details, electronic copies of the handouts, and summary notes are all up on this Github issue:

And, of course, make sure you have this on your calendar:

Protype Design Session (Part 2)

@ the Code for DC Hacknight

Thursday, Dec. 15

Arrive 6:30-7:00pm (Introductions at 7pm)

641 S St, NW, 1st Floor, Washington, DC  (note different address)

Meetup link for Code for DC


Project Manager, Housing Insights