Our Development Team

The Housing Insights project is being created by an awesome group of volunteer software developers, technologists and civic-minded residents. The project is part of Code for DC, a civic tech organization that brings together volunteers to work on cool projects that help improve DC.

An early picture of our team at one of our work sessions - see below for everyone that's been on the project!

Leadership Team

The technical leadership team is the group of volunteers in charge of continuing to develop Housing Insights long term.

John Kwening

Back end lead

John Osterman

Front end lead

Neal Humphrey

Project manager, data scientist and fiddle player.

Thomas Hernandez

User testing lead

Advisory Committee

Coming soon! We’ll be recruiting members of the affordable housing community to work with our leadership team to keep making Housing Insights better.

Team Members

All the volunteer developers, designers and researchers that helped us build this tool. Thank you!

Chris Oliver

User Experience Designer

Eric Kaprowski

Data herder

Jamie Catania

Front End Developer

Natalia C. Clementi

Open source and Python preacher, PhD student at GWU, helped with HI backend.

Paul Gottschling

Paul helped out with various front-end features.

Per Fjelstad

Ran SQL queries for calculated fields.

Rich Carder

Minor early Mapbox work