November Coders Newsletter

Neal | November 21, 2016

First off, a big thank you to all the people that came out and contributed to the project at Thursday’s hacknight. We spent a lot of time working to orient everyone to the project and the needs of our potential users. 

Here’s where we stand:

1) Users: I posted our whiteboard notes as well as some questions the visualization group came up with in the User Profile Ticket on Github. Still significant work to go on turning these into user profiles before Dec. 7.

2) Visualizations: Check out this homepage sketch from the vis group - very cool! (props to Dan and John). I would like to aim for at least 5 example ideas like this by Dec. 7.

3) Data: Froi and Lizzie mostly reviewed the data we have so far; Lizzie is leading work on the data dictionary, aiming for the week after Thanksgiving. Latest info will be on the ticket

Here’s what we need to be ready for the Dec. 7 hacknight

Contact me for more info if you want to work on any of these!


  • Make or find inspirational mockups (see above example). Note, these can also be pre-existing websites you think have some useful component. These can be added directly to the repository under the /mockups folder.

User stories: 

  • Review user interview notes from my first 10 interviews
  • Join me on a call interviewing users (get some answers to our Thurs questions!)
  • Writing/discussion session with 2-3 people from Thursday’s whiteboard group to pick up where we left off.
  • Review a first draft of user stories around Dec. 1 (written by me + anyone from above tasks)

Agenda for Dec. 7

  • Review/edit the draft agenda (especially anyone with experience in mockup planning!)

Thanks again for your help, and I’m looking forward to working more with all of you as we turn this project into a reality!


Housing Insights project manager